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AU: It’s never a good party unless there’s some drama.


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luke is a 17 year old with a dad’s sense of humor


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why can’t band shirts just be free

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Taking them to your favourite place (2/4)

Michael: “What’s a Bakewell tart?” Your boyfriend asks taking a look at the pale blue menu in front of us. “It’s pastry with icing and a cherry on top, they’re delicious” you explain. You had promised Michael for months that you would take him to your favourite cafe in your home town and on a recent trip back home you managed to convince him. You thought it would be a good idea but he had no idea what any of the cakes were so choosing something to eat was proving difficult. “What are you having again?” “A cup of coffee and a Victoria sponge” you sigh. “And a Victoria sponge is?” He questioned with a face of pure confusion. “It’s just a sponge cake with icing and jam in the middle, it was my favourite when I was little for gods sake Michael just pick a cake!” After 5 more minutes of running through the cakes again, you ordered 2 slices of Victoria sponge and two coffees. “I don’t see why we couldn’t just go Starbucks” he mumbles playing with your hands across the table. “Because Starbucks is full of over dressed, pretentious people ordering a no fat no cream skinny latte to Instagram” you say back. “Oh you’d fit in then babe, let’s go” Michael laughed, clearly amused by his joke. Just as you try and think of a witty response the wait dress brings your orders and places them on the table with a pot of milk. “This is the gayest thing I’ve ever done” Michael sighs pouring the milk into his cup. “Just try the cake” you say. He holds his hands up in defence before biting into his slice. “Oh my god! This is delicious” he mumbles, pieces of cake falling out of his mouth. “Told you!!” You say just before you bite into your cake. “Best girlfriend everrr” he moans before eating more cake.

Luke: “Babe how much longer do we have to be here I’m hungry” your boyfriend groaned as you walked into the next room of the art gallery. “Shh you know we’re going for dinner after” you whisper back feeling embarrassed as you gain numerous disapproving looks from around the room. You continue to wonder aimlessly looking at each piece of art carefully hung on the walls until you notice your favourite piece on display in the corner. “Luke look! It’s the piece I was telling you about, the one by Henri Matisse!” You say whilst dragging him over to the corner. You stare in awe at the painting infront of you, a smile slowly creeping across your face as you think of possible painting ideas. You turn and see Luke staring at you, “What?” You question, turning to face him completely. “Nothing, it’s just that I don’t get to see you this happy and peaceful much.. I like it” he explains wrapping his arms around you and placing a kiss on your forehead. “Does this mean you’ll come to the Tate Modern with me soon?” You look up and ask hopefully. He let’s out a deep chuckle and says “it’s hard to say no to you” a smile spreads across your face just as you lean up, kissing him sweetly on the lips, “I love you” he whispers against your lips before you’s kiss again.

(I’ve never done these before and it’s honestly so bad so I’m sorry aha please give me feedback and tell me what I could improve, and if you have any requests just send me them pls)

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he’s so innocent it’s so cute

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Ashton takes nobody’s shit

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